Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Letter to Don Ambrosio

I wrote a letter to Don Ambrosio, the lawyer who may have known my birth mom. I will send it to him as soon as my friend Vincenzo translates it. Below is the letter and also a pic of myself from kindergarten just for the heck of it. Bonus points to anyone who can name the cartoon character on the shirt I am wearing.

Dear Don Ambrosio,

I hope that this letter finds you well. A few weeks ago my friend Vincenzo called you on my behalf because I cannot speak Spanish very well. It was a very rushed call so I will explain my situation again because I think that you can help me.

I was born in February 1, 1986 in Estacion Central, Chile to Julia Veronica Vergara Aravena. She was working as a maid and at the time she became pregnant with me. The father wanted her to have an abortion but she decided that she would have me and then give me up for adoption. When I was born my name was John Stephano Vergara Vergara.

My adoptive mother’s name is Carol Brown. She and my father, Robert, were living in a small town in Texas when they adopted me. My mother said that she spoke to you often during the adoption proceedings. She thinks that my mother might have stayed with your family in Santiago for the three months that I lived in Santiago.

I understand that you are now retired and that many of the documents that reference my birth mom could be lost. You are the only person that I have been in touch with that spoke to my birth mom. I am trying to find her in the hopes that she can attend my graduation from college. I think it would mean a lot to her and my family if she could be there.

If you know anyone or have any documents that might lead me to her I would be more grateful than you could ever know. Thank you for your time and I hope that you can help me.

John Stephano Brown

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