Sunday, June 28, 2009

Camera Negotiations With The Little Brother

In the interest of being fair I'm posting the contract negotiations I held with my brother. Remember I can't borrow his camera until I have 100 followers on Twitter. Please help me out and share this story with your friends and anyone who might be able to help me find my birth mom before I graduate.

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"Uhhh, why are you starting this blog?"

I was adopted when I was three months old and I am now trying to find my birth mom in Chile in time for my graduation from UT in December. All I know right now is that my birth mom's name is Julia. I could use a camera to photograph and make small videos of this process.

My brother Max said that I could use his camera but I need at least 100 people to follow me on my Twitter account to act as wtinesses to the contract we negotiated for the terms of use for using his camera.

Help me out and follow me on Twitter: areumymom